The most powerful Ferrari yet, The F152

What happens when you mix a Ferrari 458 with an FF? This happens. The Italian car manufacturer wants to replace the old and slow 599 GTB Fiorano with a lighter and faster version called the F152.

Unlike the FF, the F152 will be a RWD monster capable of producing 700bhp through a 6.3-litre V12 direct-injected engine. This would make the F152 the most powerful car Ferrari has ever produced. Underneath all that power will come a set of adaptive dampers, an aluminum chassis and shorter wheelbase. The result is an estimated top speed of 215mph and a 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds, putting it in close competition with Lamborghini’s Aventador.

Prototypes have been spotted and will unveil it at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March. Interested buyers can expect a retail price of £225,000 – $360,000 USD, making it $30k cheaper then the Lamborghini Aventador!!

Source: Autoexpress

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